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Row on 45 by Jason Atherton
Bespoke Fine Dining
A Culinary Voyage

Chef Jason Atherton embarked on a journey to curate an exclusive tasting menu that revolves around his culinary discoveries, and travel.

Be prepared for a celebration of the art of cooking that unfolds in 3 acts as you engage with our sommeliers and chefs who are the stars of the show, preparing 17 courses - each with a unique anecdote, before your very eyes.

The Path to Luxury
  • Bespoke Dining at Row on 45
    For Epicureans

    Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton's inventive tasting menu showcases a playful fusion of flavours.

    Our team can help you tailor your own dinner experience with us by including your favourite ingredients, wine pairing options and anything else that can make your dinner with us memorable.

    Truly reflecting the essence of ‘Refinement of Work' (ROW), Row on 45 promises to take your taste buds to new heights.

  • Wine Cellar at Row on 45
    For Oenophiles

    Our stellar wine cellar features the world's finest and rarest wines which have been personally hand-picked by Lorenzo, our Head Sommelier.

    Allow our sommeliers to offer their expertise with wine pairing recommendations.

Theatrical Dining
Ultra Fine Dining Restaurant in Dubai
Theatrical Dining
Row on 45

Be ready for an extraordinary gastronomic journey! 

Savour the art of haute cuisine with world-class ingredients complemented by refined service and breathtaking views of Dubai in a luxurious setting.

Step into a realm of opulence and witness culinary virtuosity that is simply unmatched at Row on 45.

Our menu is at AED 1,145 per guest plus your choice of beverage pairing.